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Frequently Asked Questions
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Here is a quick guide to Freed's most frequently asked questions. If your answer does not lie within the questions below, please feel free to explore the other articles in this Help Center or reach out directly to our Customer Success team at [email protected] with any question(s) and we would be happy to speak with you.

Can Freed be used for tele-health visits?

Yes, Freed can be used for tele-health visits in two ways:

  1. Keep Freed open in a window on the same computer you are using for telehealth.

  2. Keep Freed open on your phone next to the computer you are using for telehealth.

Please note, Freed is not yet capable of working with headphones or headsets as it needs to hear both sides of the conversation to transcribe accurately.

How do I see the menu bar on my Freed App?

The editing menu (Magic Edit, Pronouns, Visit Type) is only available on the desktop version of Freed, given the limited screen space on the app.

Can I use Freed with my headset/headphones?

Freed is not currently capable of being used on the app or browser version with headphones or a headset. Freed needs to be able to hear both sides of the conversation. Please ensure you are connected to the correct microphone when beginning a visit.

Can I prepare a visit before I see the patient/client?

Certainly, you can initiate the process by "Capturing a Visit" and verbally detailing information about the patient such as their name, age, and complaint. Subsequently, you can opt to "Pause" and proceed to input the patient's name. At this point, the visit will be preliminarily prepared. When you meet with the patient, you can seamlessly resume the visit and engage with them further.

How much does Freed cost?

Here is the full guide to Freed's pricing.

What internet browser is optimal for using Freed?

Freed is designed to function best through Google Chrome.

Can I pause my Freed Plan?

There is no specific pause feature available for your Freed Individual or Group Plan. However, if you wish to cancel your account, you will retain access until the end of the current billing cycle, after which the auto-renewal will be turned off. You are welcome to return and resubscribe at any time in the future.

Can I use other apps while using Freed?

Whether on the phone application or on the internet browser on a phone or computer, Freed needs to stay open and active to properly capture a visit. If Freed goes inactive or the screen closes or goes dark, the visit will not capture properly.

Can I capture a visit on my phone and then review or input to EHR from my computer?

Indeed, Freed visits can be captured on a mobile device or another computer and subsequently accessed and utilized from any computer. As long as you log in with the same credentials, Freed SOAP Notes can be viewed on any device.

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